Best Roku Private Channels 2021 with Codes

The Roku is a popular streaming device that allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your television. It is also compatible with most smart devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and more. There are many different channels available for the Roku platform, but these private channels offer something special.

The roku secret codes 2021 are the best way to access Roku Private Channels without having to pay for subscriptions.

What exactly is Roku?

ROKU is a streaming device that, thanks to its extensive functionality and choices, can transform your SMART TV or ordinary TV into something like to a GENIUS TV. Other manufacturers’ systems, such as Apple TV, Western Digital, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player, have limited channels in their App stores; content must be compatible with these manufacturers’ systems.

Because of its simplicity of use and broad availability of content, ROKU was a pioneer in its time, encouraging independent developers to build betas that might eventually be included to the official channel store. As a result, ROKU provided about 4K channels in the form of series, movies, sports, cartoons, freeTV, and premium TV, which included secret and private channels. Today, we’ll go over a list of the top Roku Private Channels, as well as how to locate and install them.

What are Private Channels and How Do They Work? 

On the Roku official channel Apps store, there are hundreds of secret channels (hidden channels) that you will never discover or that are not publicly accessible because they contain banned material or are in beta versions and are not ready for a complete release. This is due to the possibility that these Private Channels include adult, nudity, or pornographic material, as well as unauthorized third-party channels with copyright problems. In other words, you’re using Roku, but you won’t be able to watch these channels until you do specific actions.



  • Use your computer or smartphone to go to the website.
  • Use your login credentials to register or sign in.

Roku Private channel

  • Under Manage Account, choose “Add a channel with a code.”



  • Click the “Add channel” button after entering the code for the private channels you wish to add to Roku.

Roku Private channel

  • When the warning notice displays, acknowledge it and click OK.


  • When prompted for confirmation, choose “Yes, add channel.”


  • Adding a channel to Roku TV does not always result in it appearing on the Roku TV list right away; in most cases, it takes up to 24 hours for the channel to display on Roku TV. So, if you want to instantly check private channels, go to Settings -> System Update -> Check now.


Your private channel will be added to your Roku channel list after Roku has completed updating. Discover some of the finest Roku private channels now.

 Roku Channels to Watch in 2021 and Their Codes

We’ve compiled a list of the top Roku Private Channels, along with their genres and codes.

Sr No Name of the channel Code Genre
1 Nowhere TV is a television channel that broadcasts from nowhere H9DWC TV shows
2 FilmOn H9DWC Films and television programs
3 The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving NMJS5 Anime, television programs, and films
4 Twitch channel that isn’t official TwitchTV Anime, television programs, and films
5 Canal in the desert FI821095 Shows and programs about animals
6 m3u black m3ublack Anime, television programs, and films
7 Movies on Roku ZB34AC Movies
8 Ace TV Acetv Movies
9 Maddy Mation is a character in the film Maddy Mation MADDYMATION Kids, Anime
10 Channel for silent films ROLLEM Movies
11 Euro Roku euroroku (monthly payment of $ 20) Anime, TV programs, and movies (European 100 Live channels)
12 Chefs of distinction greatchefs Shows about cooking
13 Games for a Neon Party [ $ 1.99 without advertising ] H2CLHP Games
14 Multimedia Dream Catchers XRGPXN Documentaries, short films, and feature films
15 Jhanjar TV is a television station based in Jhanjar JHANJARTV Anime, Sports, and Film
16 Podcasts on iTunes ITPC Podcast Directory on iTunes
17 Gem City Sports Network (Gem City Sports Network) is a GenCitySports Sports
18 Space-Time CN6MRTG There is a lot of room (Videos from NASA and all space agencies around the world)
19 Al Jazeera is a news organization based in the United Arab AlJazeeraEnglish News
20 Capital Television Capitaltv Music
21 Clikia clikialive Films, television programs, and series
22 Returning from the Grave BFTG Feature films (Horror, Sci-Fi and Monster)
23 Toonami Aftermath is a television show that airs after the events of Toonami RRNNKLQ Adult Swimming Lessons
24 stalker extraordinaire STBEMU Films, television programs, and radio
25 Talkies with heroes herotalkies Videos, Documentaries, and Films
26 Beta version of Redbox Digital [ Pay Per View ] RBXDIGITAL Films and television programs
27 Late Night MaddyGTV MGTVLN Films and television programs
28 Channel dedicated to cannabis SPTFM Cannabis’ medical and legal implications
29 Pub-D-Hub PUBDHUB Anime, television programs, and films
30 Bullet from Nowhere nowherebullet Messages received (screensaver app which shows your Pushbullet notifications)
31 Vine of Nowhere nowherevine On your Roku, there’s an app that plays Vines.
32 Tweet from nowhere V8MRS Twitter follower
33 Wilderness fl821095 Fishing and hunting
34 Newswire newswire News
35 PlayOn PlayOn Films and television programs
36 CCloud CCloud TV
37 Shockwerks TV is a television show produced by Shockwerks. is a television show produced by Shockwerks. Shockwerks TV Movies

1. Nowhere Television (H9DWC)

Nowhere TV is one of the finest Roku private channels, having been around since 2010 and being the most subscribed. By adding this channel to your Roku, you may view live streams and movies from a variety of TV stations and websites.

It broadcasts live TV and free channels from across the globe. The channel lineup changes from time to time, but you can now watch entertainment on most local Fox stations, government and political programming on C-SPAN, and news on NBC and CBS, among others.

2. MoviesOn (NMEA)

FilmOn does not need an introduction. It’s an Internet TV service with over 600 international channels and 90,000 on-demand video titles. Without an antenna, TV card, or subscription, you may watch live TV on your computer. FilmOn is a free service in the United States and the United Kingdom that provides access to a large number of television channels. It will provide you with access to the whole spectrum of over-the-air UK TV channels, as well as a variety of additional services ranging from the incredible Filmon Classic Movies to UFO News.

3. Roku Euro

Euro Roku is a subscription-based service that gives you access to over 100 live European HD channels. Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Holland, Moldova, Germany, and Spain all have it. You must first register an account before adding this channel to your subscription list. It offers HD versions of top European networks. You will be able to view European programs, series, and movies in HD quality via this channel.

4. Jhanjar Television (JHANJARTV.)

For starters, it’s a fantastic combination of films, sports, and other fascinating topics. This channel will constantly amuse you with a variety of material if you are interested in Indian regional entertainment. Furthermore, this station has a lot of material that is aired in a variety of languages, which adds to its appeal.

5. Podcasts on iTunes (ITPC)

You can explore, add, and listen to the complete iTunes Podcast Directory right from your Roku with this channel. 5 ways to find new podcasts you’ll like 5 ways to find new podcasts you’ll like Have you heard about podcasts but don’t know where to begin? Here are five websites that may assist you in finding the finest podcasts available. Multiple search criteria, a playback reminder, and favorites are all supported.

Gem City Sports Network is number six (GenCitySports)

For starters, it is a prominent sports station that has aired numerous college and high school sports. This station does not provide live streaming, but you may watch highlights and replays of a variety of sports, including cricket, football, and volleyball, to mention a few. There is no need to subscribe to this channel since it is free.

Finally, all of the private streaming channels that you may add to your Roku are listed above. Aside from that, you may add a variety of radio and podcast stations to your finest private Roku channels.

7. Dimensions of Space and Time (CN6MRTG)

The NASA channel is one of the finest accessible in the channel streaming collection, but this private channel elevates it to a new level. It includes video material from NASA and all of the world’s space agencies, and it’s all well-ranked in categories including Featurettes, Deep Sky, Solar System, Space Travel, History, and Astrophysics.

Al Jazeera is the eighth largest news organization in the world (AlJazeeraEnglish)

Streaming of the English-language Qatari network news station, which is arguably the finest and most trustworthy of all news networks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unfortunately, it is geo-blocked for people in the United States, but if you happen to be anywhere else, you may view it whenever you want.

9. Capital Television (Capitaltv)

Capital TV advertises itself as the UK’s first popular music channel. It’s arguable, but in any case, it’s a live broadcast of their TV station, with footage available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so your GARDERAI may party till the early hours. A Brief History of Music Videos from MTV to YouTube From MTV to YouTube, there’s something for everyone. A Quick Overview of Music Videos While clips are now mainly viewed on YouTube, they represent the last stage in the development of a media that may be as complex as a movie and as intimate as photographs.

10. Animals in the Wild (GoatsLive)

It’s not a prank; it’s a channel dedicated to live goats. Of course, this seems absurd, but consider that it was just named one of EarthCam’s “25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2015.” It also has a YouTube channel to go along with it.

11. Ace Television (Acetv)

Ace TV is the greatest free Roku private channel in 2018, with daily B martial arts, action, horror, and sci-fi movies. On this channel, you may find a plethora of old content broadcasts. It concentrates on a treasure trove of B movies while also broadcasting vintage films for free. The majority of the films and movies on this channel will be deemed public, which means that anybody may simply download them and broadcast them for free.

Toonami Aftermath TV (Toonami Aftermath TV) (Toonami Aftermath (RRNNKLQl)

Toonami Aftermath TV is a Roku-exclusive live streaming service. It’s from the year 2000, and it’s the Best Private Roku 2018 Adult Swimming Programming Channels. It may be used in either the Pacific or Eastern time zones. To get the most out of this channel on your Roku, you must utilize it according to these time zones. It also has Toonami radio, which allows you to listen to music from your favorite adult swim shows while watching live video. This is a Roku private channel where you may watch and listen to your favorite videos and music for free.

Roku after dark channels are a popular way to watch movies, TV shows, and other content. In this article, we will share the best roku private channels for 2021 with codes. Reference: roku after dark channels.

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The secret channels are not available on the Roku platform, but you can still use the Roku remote to navigate through the menus.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I add P * * * * * * to my Roku?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
To add P * * * * * * to your Roku, you will need to input the following on your Roku remote:”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I find my Roku private channel code?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
In order to find your Roku private channel code, you will need to go into the settings on your Roku. Once in the settings, look for Private Channel and enter your code there.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the secret channels on Roku?

The secret channels are not available on the Roku platform, but you can still use the Roku remote to navigate through the menus.

How do I add P * * * * * * to my Roku?

To add P * * * * * * to your Roku, you will need to input the following on your Roku remote:

How do I find my Roku private channel code?

In order to find your Roku private channel code, you will need to go into the settings on your Roku. Once in the settings, look for Private Channel and enter your code there.

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